First visit

Please have Picture ID ready to show front desk.

Individuals picking up items at the AMEN house must show a picture ID at every visit.

Every client MUST have on file the following:

  • Current picture ID for head of household
  • Current ID for everyone in household (Adults need picture ID. Minors in household ID can be social security card, birth certificate, medical card, school ID, driver's license, names listed on SNAP award letter for household.)
  • Current proof of Scott County residence (Examples are current driver's license, lease, utility bill or letter from landlord.)
  • Current proof of income (If you have a current SNAP letter that is all that is necessary - If not, you need to supply the following items, pay stub, social security card, SSI, KTAP, child support, unemployment)

The AMEN House Inc. will be implementing a new computer system and you will be unable to receive a full allotment of food/clothing without the above documents.