Stamping Ground Pop up Pantry

On the first Wednesday of each month starting September 2017, the AMEN House will be hosting a Food Pantry Distribution at the

Stamping Ground Fire Department

from 10am to 1pm

To participate you must fill out an AMEN House application and provide

Proof of Scott County Residency

Proof of Identity for entire household

Proof of Income for entire household

Q & A

What if my household is already a client at the AMEN House?

     If have you been to the AMEN House since we launched the new computer system in June 2017 with all your paperwork and are already in our new computer system, then all you need at the Stamping Ground distribution is to show your photo ID.

Can I go to AMEN House Stamping Ground Pop Up Pantry one month and to the main AMEN House the next month?

     Yes, it is completely your choice on which location you pick up from, but please know you can only pick up once a calendar month from one location and the Stamping Ground pantry is only open one day a month.

Why would I choose to drive into the Georgetown location?

     In our Georgetown location, there are additional options for clothing, personal care items and financial assistance. The Stamping Ground Pop Up Pantry will be assisting with food only.

How do I know if my household can pick up food from the AMEN House?

     You must live in Scott County, KY and have household income levels below the government's 185% poverty level guidelines. Anyone above the 185%, in a crisis, who needs food assistance would need to set up an appointment with the AMEN House director to explore options.

How do I sign up?

     Our main street Georgetown location is open Monday - Friday 9am to noon with extended hours on Tuesday until 3pm. You can drop by there with documents for proof of residency, proof of income for entire household and proof of identity for entire household. Or you can bring that same paperwork on the first Wednesday of each month to the Stamping Ground Fire Department between 10am and 1pm.

What if I don't have my paperwork?

     All paperwork is required to enter your household into our system. Without your completed application and all required paperwork, we will not be able to provide services.

More Questions?

     You can reach our front desk at 502-863-5305 during normal hours of operation.